In Moscow fans of Harry Potter for books usraeli duel

In Moscow fans of Harry Potter for books usraeli duelIn Moscow, as elsewhere in the world, in the night from Friday to Saturday there was a Grand event, which was expected by millions of people: on sale seventh novel in the Harry Potter series "Harry Potter and Fatal Hallows of" famous writer J. K. Rowling.Despite the fact that the book appeared on the shelves at 3 a.m. (0:00 London time), lack of buyers was not. New novel were sold off at a breakneck pace - about 10 books per minute.In Moscow, the English language book began to sell some of the biggest bookstores in particular, "Republic" and "Moscow". According to KP, the fans started to gather in stores from 10-11 PM. Читать полностью -->

Jerry Halliwell meets with Russian Deputy

Jerry Halliwell meets with Russian DeputyLead singer of the Spice Girls and a single mother of Jerry Halliwell've got myself a new and very promising boyfriend.Most fortunate was the son of Russian billionaire state Duma Deputy Alexander Lebedev, Evgeny. Forbes estimates the state Lebedev-SR 3.6 billion dollars.Recently in the ranking of the most eligible bachelor according to the magazine Tatler Lebedev, Jr., well known in the British party, took third place, according to Channel 4.Pair secretly met. The first joint release occurred on 13 July. Gerry and Eugene came together to the party at The Serpentine Gallery. After that, anybody does not remain doubts that bind a couple romantic relationship. They West evening did not depart from each other and held hands, writes The Mirror.When the young people came to the dance floor, Eugene put his hands on the ass halliwel and whispered in her ear: "You're in a Thong, honey?" The witness said: "They spent the night were together and whispering something in each other's ear. Читать полностью -->

Dima Bilan won the MTV Russia Music Awards 2007

Dima Bilan won the MTV Russia Music Awards 2007Yesterday in Moscow in the pouring rain has passed ceremony of delivery of awards MTV Russia Music Awards 2007."It's cold in Moscow!" these words Avril Lavigne, invited foreign star of the ceremony, the beginning of his speech, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Figures of culture, who came to the Ice Palace on Khodynka field, had fallen into the pit - to disperse a huge Hummers and Cadillacs" could not. Therefore, all stuck in traffic. Oleg Gazmanov, for example, sat in the car an hour before he was released on the red carpet.The exception was made only for Dima Bilan - machine of the singer skipped the queue because Dima is a four times nominee. The smartest was Bogdan Titomir - he arrived on a scooter, it ran over the red carpet and rolled into a Concert hall.After two hours of waiting in traffic Zhanna Friske spent another half hour in the hallway - her and another ex-soloist of "Brilliant" Olga Orlova, could not sit. The place was found for them only after the scandal that Jeanne gave the organizers.In the hallway crying singer Vika Daineko. This was to blame another show - "Ice age". Читать полностью -->

The most scandalous unpublicized `disassembly` of the stars

The most scandalous unpublicized `disassembly` of the starsScandalous showdown is an integral part of Bohemian life. The cute smiles from the screen and is broadcasting an angelic voice, is going to grab a stranglehold in our colleagues and in our environment.And there is no place for morality, professional ethics, and blood ties...Valeria and Rotaru - hostage?Perhaps the most scandalous incident that impacted not only its participants but also to all the representatives of the entertainment industry, became a showdown between Igor Krutoy and television boss Konstantin Ernst.Despite the fact that the conflict, which in show business dubbed the "redistribution of territories", occurred about three years ago, analysis of star flight is still ongoing.Up to a certain point Igor Yakovlevich Krutoy was successful in not only their channel Muz-TV and radio station "Love radio", but also helped the First channel in the release is quite popular programs such as "Song of the year" and "factory of stars - 4".Soon, however, things have changed and artists who pestered Cool Cabinet, in order to be benefited and to grab a maximum number of esters, because of the Steep and conflict "first button" has been forced to withdraw from communion with him and to go into opposition.They say the media Mogul conflict started because of the interest of the First channel to the musical production. Since then, according to Steep, the channel was hurting him wherever he could. Then some masked men burst into his office in search of some documents, while none of the leadership is not there.The First channel of the sudden wants to postpone the contest "Five stars" from Sochi to Jurmala, but still score the same terms as that of "New wave" Cool. With the first button disappears "song of the year" and "New wave" could not find a television home.To settle the problem with the television broadcast of the "New wave" helped Cool Alla Pugacheva. However, the project of the first channel "Five stars" Diva for diplomacy is also noted. Читать полностью -->

Gift Yarmolnik was fatal to Abdulov

Gift Yarmolnik was fatal to AbdulovVisit a friend in one of capital clinics, where on Saturday he entered Alexander Abdulov, Leonid Yarmolnik, without knowing it, gave him a disservice.Leonid Isaakovich presented to Alexander Gavrilovich giant watermelon, which is during exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease is fatal, writes "Your day".The flesh is sweet berries stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, which may provoke an attack of gastritis and even ulcer perforation.Last week the actor was urgently admitted to a hospital in Sebastopol. Great, Abdulov, according to the chief physician of the clinic Sergey Popov, was serious but stable.Despite the doctor's advice not to risk it and stay in the hospital for some time, he Abdulov was firmly set.In the clinic, where for many years there has been Gavrilovic, he prepared a comfortable two-bedroom house Suite. All Sunday evening Abdulov devoted to conversation with friends who came to visit him.Leonid Yarmolnik in the company of four friends arrived at the clinic about six in the evening. In the hands of Leonid Isaakovich was carrying a large watermelon. Berry was so heavy that Yarmolnik even hoisted it over his shoulder.Merry company caused a lot of noise in the office where Abdulov. Loud cheers and laughter were heard even in the hospital corridor, that revolted nurses. Читать полностью -->

Real busts of stars: the gifts of nature and of surgeons

Real busts of stars: the gifts of nature and of surgeons The whole Kingdom is discussing today the bust of Victoria Beckham. With the light hand of the editor of The Sun Di James, who said - "Thanks to my work I consider busts every day. I don't believe that Victoria is the second size, I think she has a third".Albion was involved in a serious dispute...However, not one Victoria provokes rumors about the volume of their Breasts. Bust of many stars depending on the outfit often changes size. Experts The Sun tried to find out who the stars really nature bestowed, and who resorted to corrective bra.Victoria Beckham States he is the owner of a very modest size - 80V, however, the naked eye can see that her bust more clearly.The 29-year-old model Jordan is truly enormous Breasts - 80G. Talking about her husband, Peter Andre, Jordan said: "Pete loves my big Tits. Читать полностью -->

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